Shinemon Mug Cup Yuteki-tenmoku B 油滴天目

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In Yuteki Tenmoku technique, you can see silvery-white and golden brown crystals floating in the black lacquer just like oil drops. Is said that these products were made by a potter from Southern Song (Chinese dynasty) for emperors and nobles. These products were much esteemed among the old tea ceremony masters. They combine the high refined beauty with a mystical fascination, making them look like a universal abyss.

Dimension: W11.5XD9.1XH10.7cm
*The nuances and the photographs may differ because everything just came out from the kiln

Mr. Kusuo Baba from Shinemon Kiln is a ceramic artisan representative in Japan for yohen echnique. He tells us that in yohen technique, ingredients added into clay and glaze develop a chemical eaction during firing. This phenomenon creates a peculiar color and crystallization. This natural beauty can be also compared also to the mystery of the universe.
Shinemon Kiln, won in 2012 a special prize at Japanese Art Exhibition (Fine Arts Exhibition), arts and crafts division, which is the greatest art exhibition in Japan. This was a brilliant achievement, because it is considered to be the prize which offers the greatest authority and honor in ceramic art world.