AMAMI Stole Lidth's Jay

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Item code: OT01A_002

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  1. Oshima Tsumugi

This colorful stole has been manufactured with the image of the Lidth's Jay as its motif. It is a beautiful bird which only inhabits the island of Amami Oshima, and is found nowhere else in the world. All its rich colors shaded over an azure base look so exciting, don't they?

This Oshima Tsumugi stole has been made by Shigekazu Shigeta, a local traditional artisan in the Oshima Tsugumi craft. He has cultivated his technique over a period of many years, working through the whole process, from the first threads to the final dyeing. This silk stole was weaved out of his passion for genuine articles.

Size: Length 215cm, Width 47cm
Silk: 100%

Due to this being a hand-made item, each one will be slightly different in size.