Raw Silk Stole Sky Blue

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Item code: OT01R_001

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  1. Oshima Tsumugi

We use high-quality Oshima Tsumugi silk thread.

This summer silk stole is made from slub silk and superfine raw silk threads which have been weaved in a random order, dyed and twined in a unique way. They prevent sunburn from ultraviolet rays, and also help warm you up when air-conditioning becomes prevalent in the summertime.

This fabric has been weaved into a thin cloth, so it is surely refreshing enough to be worn at this time of year!

This Oshima Tsumugi stole has been made by Shigekazu Shigeta, a local traditional artisan in the Oshima Tsugumi craft. He has cultivated his technique over a period of many years, working through the whole process, from the first threads to the final dyeing. This silk stole was weaved out of his passion for genuine articles.

Size: Length 180cm, Width 41cm
Silk: 100%

Due to this being a hand-made item, each one will be slightly different in size.