ZIPANGU MAGAZINE Kyushu Shochu Issue

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ZIPANGU Kyushu Shochu Issue was published on 23rd September 2016. We sincerely hope that, through this magazine, the culture of Kyushu shochu can become known and enjoyed by a much wider scope of people throughout the world.

03 FETURE Shochu: My Journey with Japan’s Spirit, Christopher Pellegrini
10 Takahashi Distillery: Delicate and Delicious Rice Shochu from the Mountains of Kumamoto
14 Okuchi Distillery: A Kagoshima Favorite from the Isa Basin
18 Kirishima Distillery: Bringing Kuro Koji Shochu to the Masses
22 Sanwa Shurui Distillery: Putting Barley Shochu on the World Map
25 FEATURE The Kyushu Advantage: Shochu Education for the World
28 Kyoya Distillery: Drinking the New with the Old
31 FEATURE Kyushu University professor plans global shochu education
34 Hombo Tsunuki Distillery: Kishogura

Dimension: W203mmxH273mm , 40 pages